domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010


    Gorda, it hurts youbut the solution is not locked in the bathroomI know what you think when you look at your reflectionbut your enemy is not the mirror peoplethis complex is the object of ridiculeput their fingers in the throat does not helpif you hurt others? Because you do what youis to give the reason for the more stupid in classAre mirages out of realism,struggle to love yourself or fall into the abyssare the laughingstock when holiday salespeople you see on the street and that bothers youfeel embarrassed and you dressed provarte scratches,Hart! having to ask for another sizeon the beach do not expose your body to get depressedthrow the towel to see those film bodieswant to lose weight at any costarcades are heard by the doorway if they are silentyour mother cares about you and you do not carefeel that is in decline your patience to lose weightcan not stop you feel pretty sicksee in the magazines and the bodies that want to catch youbut not you, it's just what you want to beso that others show a little interest you,but society is so saddo not trust your reflection or what you sawself-conscious, I see in your eyeswant everything, all without having to do anythinglooking for an easy waywithin that body lies a fragile heartit is easy to say for not suffer and that does not feel but the eye creates an illusion that you lie.

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